Mother sentenced to death for daughter's honour killing

Bragging rights? After the killing of her daughter Mrs Rafiq began shouting on the street to neighbours that she had killed the teen for bringing shame on her family while beating her chest

In a case which has resulted in a death sentence for the accused involved, a Pakistani teenager was burned alive by her mother for eloping with her lover which has sparked discussions about unrepentant honour killings still being held true in the country.

The factory area police had submitted challan in the court according to which the culprit Nasreen Bibi and her son Anees burnt the girl alive out of honour on June 8 previous year for carrying out love marriage. Rafiq's brother, Anees - also a prime suspect in this case - has been given life sentence for his role in the crime, although defence lawyers argued that he was wrongly convicted. Khan says that her family never approved of their relationship and Zeenat had spoken to him prior about the abuse she had often suffered at the hands of her family members.

Zeenat's own family refused to claim her body and she was later buried by her husband's family.

Rafique had been living with her new husband for a month before she visited her home in Lahore in the hopes of a reconciliation with her family.

"When she told her parents about us, they beat her so severely she was bleeding from her mouth and nose."

It is pertinent to note that the newly-wed bride was burnt alive for honour by her for marrying a man of her own choice in the Factory Area police limits. Dawn reported that emergency rescue service was called in by witnesses who noticed smoke coming out of the family's home. No traces of poison were found in her stomach, the report said. A son of the convict who helped in murdering Zeenat Bibi, 17, past year has also been punished with a life term.

But when she arrived, her mother and brother killed her before turning themselves into the police.

According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, nearly 300 women were victims of such killings in the first half of 2016.

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