Mother burns daughter alive in 'honour killing'

A Pakistani court on Monday convicted Bibi of the killing and sentenced her to death.

Ms Rafiq was strangled and then tied to a bed, drenched in kerosene and set alight by her mother and brother in June past year after she eloped against her family's wishes.

According to a report by Daily Mail, a judge in an anti-terror court in Lahore, Pakistan, has sentenced Zeenat's mother Perveen Bibi to death on murder and terrorism charges, prosecutor Mian Mohammad Tufail told AFP.

Hassan Khan is the man who married Zeenat Rafiq and in speaking to the media he said that his wife had been very reluctant to return home following their marriage.

Hundreds of women are killed by their relatives each year after allegedly bringing shame on their families in the deeply conservative Muslim country.

When she arrived, her mother and brother tied her to a bed, poured gasoline over her and set her on fire.

She had been living with her new husband for a month and had returned to her home in the eastern city of Lahore to try to reconcile with her family.

Earlier, the mother rejected murder allegations and claimed her daughter, 18, committed suicide by self-immolation because the family refused to accept her marriage.

Police had suspected that she was helped by her son and a son-in-law in killing the girl.

The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said violence against women was rife in Pakistan and that there were more than 1,100 so-called "honour killings" in 2015. It also closed a legal loophole which in the past gave the perpetrator of the honor killings the chance to be forgiven by the family members of the victim and be pardoned.

The new law mandates a minimum 25-year prison sentence for anyone convicted of carrying out an honour killing, and prohibits families of victims from forgiving the killer - a common occurrence in these tragic crimes.

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