In Switzerland and the world, a rich few hold the most wealth

The report, which was calculated using data from global investment bank Credit Suisse and the Forbes magazine annual billionaire list, was being published to coincide with the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The gap between rich and the poor is widening, with the world's richest eight men owning the same wealth as the poorest half of the world, research by Oxfam reveals.

The NGO said its findings evidenced that the gap between rich and poor is far greater than feared.

Oxfam's report shows how broken economies are funnelling wealth to the rich elite at the expense of women employed in low paid sectors.

The Credit Suisse report shows that Russian Federation is the world's most unequal country, with the exception of Comoros and Zambia in Africa. He noted that those implications are often different from those of income inequality.

The * a href="*&tabMode=dataTable&srchLan=-1&p1=1&p2=50" *median income of families rose from $46,700 in 2000 to $55,600 in 2014 (as measured in constant 2014 dollars), a 19 per cent increase.

Wealth offers security, Davies said, which income doesn't always do.

Ravon said the effects of wealth inequality can ricochet into other parts of society.

The inequality of wealth that these calculations illustrate has attracted a lot of attention, both to the obscene level of inequality they expose and to the underlying data and the calculations themselves. Those societies are less healthy. So - don't share the pie more fairly, just increase the size of the pie so that more people will be able to live off the crumbs.

“Its important to listen to the populists, and actually we have several sessions where we deal with these issues, and we have representatives of populist parties here with us, ” Schwab said Sunday. "We lost some of that". Bill Gates has not only contributed philanthropically himself but set a new bar for the philanthropy of billionaires leading the "Giving Pledge" to encourage the world's billionaires to give away a minimum of half their wealth in their lifetimes. "This isn't a problem that we're just going to fix".

“Regardless of how you view Trump and his positions, his election has led to a deep, deep sense of uncertainty and that will cast a long shadow over Davos, ” said Jean-Marie Guehenno, CEO of International Crisis Group, a conflict resolution think-tank. "But I don't have a bullet that would fix it". The rise of populism and general anti-establishment sentiment has also been attributed to the feeling of rising inequality and the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of few.

"We can't just migrate a system to this country", he said. If every billionaire or big corporation were to pay the same proportion of tax as the average citizen, we could see a transformation of public services and living standards for entire populations.

Through lobbying and influence, corporations and the super-rich also ensure that government policies work for their interests and wealth.

Redistribution through taxation is not happening because sophisticated wealth managers spirit cash offshore to tax havens, eroding the welfare states in developed countries.

Nevertheless, says Ratcliff, some governments are bucking the trend, and managing to reduce inequality, listening to the demands of the majority not the minority.

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