Davos forum chief: 'It's important to listen' to populists

The WEF also declared two years ago that at least 50% of the incoming participants in its Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers programs-a combined class of around 200 people each year-need to be women. "We have to be responsive to the call", Schwab, 78, said.

If Davos, the world's most expensive and unmissable networking event, represents any single set of ideas or cause it is that of globalisation and free trade, the idea that there is a general consensus in a global commonality of interests.

Swiss police have detained 32 pro-Tibet activists for protesting against Chinese president Xi Jinping's state visit as he was due to arrive on Sunday.

President-elect Donald Trump will not have a representative at the gathering of the world's wealthiest people at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

With the notable exception of billionaire George Soros, few are going out of their way to condemn the incoming U.S. president, even as his daily pronunciations signal that the world's most important economy is moving further and further away from the Davos model.

"We are honored that the Chinese president is coming to Geneva". "I hope he will join us".

Ramaphosa is expected to participate in five sessions and also participate in Business Interaction Group on South Africa aimed at deepening interaction between South African policymakers and leading multinational businesses from the perspective of advancing national growth.

The United States will be well represented by corporate and intellectual giants, however, as we enter the last week of President Obama's tenure in the White House, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry will be on hand from the outgoing USA administration.

He was expected take the centre stage at the Davos ahead of Trump taking over the office on January 20.

Edelman said social and economic fears have been "allowed to fester" - and businesses are best-placed to address them "by paying their employees fairly, talking with, and empowering their employees". "People who are there certainly have the power to lead, and can shift course".

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