Derrick Rose Reportedly Considered Stepping Away From Basketball Recently

Rose, a three-time All-Star and the 2011 NBA MVP while playing for the Chicago Bulls, was acquired in a blockbuster offseason trade, the cornerstone of a strategy to revive New York's fortunes.

However, reports have indicated that, privately, the Knicks were embarrassed by and livid about Rose's lack of communication.

The Knicks announced Tuesday that Rose was back and received an undisclosed fine.

The Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks meet Thursday night in National Basketball Association action at Madison Square Garden on TNT. Possibly the only thing wrong with the situation is that Rose failed to tell the Knicks about his plans, and team officials had no explanation for his absence before or during Monday's game.

With Rose on the starting lineup in the team's game against the Philadelphia 76ers, it was not enough to result in a NY win.

Rose made several cryptic comments on Wednesday that supported the theory that he was in a bad place emotionally.

For two Eastern Conference teams that have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late, this could be a very exciting game between the Bulls and the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. His points and assists averages are only slightly below his career averages of 19.5 and 6.1.

At 17-21 heading into last night's game, nothing about the Knicks bore resemblance to a playoff team.

In fairness to Isola, he's much harder on the Knicks. On Christmas Day, the Knicks were a promising 16-14.

If the New York Knicks were the Men in Black, they'd probably want to wipe this whole week from memory. While the team may have been anxious over Rose, it was clearly shown on the court. NY ended up walking off the court stunned.

If not, then Rose, Carmelo Anthony-who has a no-trade clause-and every other veteran who can help a contender and bring back long-term value should be considered a trade option.

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