North Korea will be stopped

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"Kim's message indicates that North Korea has completed the development of mid-range missiles with only [tests of] ICBMs being left".

Once fully developed, a North Korean ICBM could threaten the continental United States, about 5,500 miles away.

North Korea on Sunday (8 January) announced that it could test-launch an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from "anywhere" and at "anytime" chosen by its leader Kim Jong-un.

Image Caption: Nuclear site in North Korea.

As North Korea ramps up threats to fire an intercontinental ballistic missile, South Korea and the U.S. on Monday warned the communist state against any further provocations they said would be met with stern military and diplomatic reactions.

USA officials countered the official's bluster saying that if Pyongyang launched anything that threatens the territory of the US or its allies, it will be shot down.

US President-elect Donald Trump said last week North Korea would not be able to build a nuclear missile that can reach the United States.

However, while a test launch may be close it is likely to take North Korea years to flawless a weapon.

In the footage provided by North Korea's state news agency, KCNA, which can not be independently verified by Reuters, officials from various state departments are seen running while chanting the slogan "fatherland unification".

North Korea's International Ballistic Missile have a minimum range of 5,000 km, but some are created to travel 10,000 km or further.

"We're closely tracking and monitoring the possibility of a launch of the KN-08 and its improvement, the KN-14", Seoul's Defense Ministry spokesperson Moon Sang-gyun said at a news briefing.

North Korea has been under United Nations sanctions since 2006, when the Security Council prohibited the provision of large-scale arms, nuclear technology, and related training to Pyongyang. An unnamed foreign ministry spokesman said Pyongyang will carry out the test at a time determined by the supreme headquarters of the DPRK.

The situation on the Korean peninsula has worsened since the recent announcement by the United States of the deployment of THAAD missile systems to neighboring South Korea, and the arrival of the USS Pennsylvania ballistic-missile submarine on the usa territory of Guam.

A fire drill of ballistic rockets by Hwasong artillery units of the KPA Strategic Force is pictured in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang September 6, 2016.

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