PM Modi addresses Parivartan Rally at Dehradun

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While the tax authorities are gearing up to identify such properties, experts say it would be tough to find out who owned such unnamed property in a country where land records are kept in numerous files in municipal or local bodies.

Modi promised to continue his fight against corruption and also for empowering the honest. Alleging that demonetisation "shook the corrupt", Modi termed the move as a safai abhiyan (clean-up exercise).

Modi told an event organised by the Securities and Exchange Board of India, India's capital markets regulator that his government would continue to follow sound and prudent economic policies to ensure that India's long-term prospects are bright.

"Being a sensitive government, it amends rules as required, keeping the convenience of the people as its foremost consideration, so that citizens are not subjected to hardships", said Modi. Specifically, he wants to tackle benami or nameless properties. The people of the country have helped me. In the coming days, this law will also become operational.

- You have overwhelmed me; I can see so many people and I am happy that women have joined this rally in large numbers.

PM Narendra Modi said at the event of laying the foundation stone of the Chardham Highway project that he is not only fighting "black money" but also "black heart". There is no question of stopping or going back in this fight.

The decision is not being liked by some people as he has struck directly at the "ring leader of thieves" (choron ka sardar), the Prime Minister said.

Mocking the manipulators Modi said his government has all the information about people who used back-door for changing old Rs.1000/500 currency notes and so they are getting attested on a daily basis. "Had the House functioned properly, there would have been comprehensive deliberation", Modi added.

The second issue was shortage of liquidity in the economy; "even today, the country is largely running on Rs 2,000 note".

As Uttarakhand goes to state Assembly polls next year, Modi launched his campaign by urging people to bring in the "engine" of development in Uttarakhand by voting in favour of the BJP.

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