Fake news of an explosion activated Facebook's Safety Check feature

The news, though, linked to a 2015 story about the Erawan Shrine bombing.

The false Facebook safety check alarm miffed several Thai communities that expressed their anger on social media.

"No, there was not a massive explosion Bangkok on Tuesday night", wrote local English-language newspaper Khaosod English in an article attempting to clarify the situation.

Facebook's Safety Check feature has been erroneously triggered in Bangkok by a wave a false social media reports about a bomb explosion that didn't happen.

'Social media makes it more likely that I am more exposed to false information that I am likely to believe, ' he added. Facebook explosion Safety Check was just a false alarm. While the other report about the protestor was found to be true, no casualties were reported as a result of his actions. Something similar happen in Facebook's case.

The spokesperson also reportedly shared local media reports of a man protesting and throwing "ping pong" firecrackers at the Government House in Bangkok which they claim prompted the alert.

Bangkok Post said Facebook in its statement also went on to explain the functions of its Safety Check feature, which is intended for users to report a crisis in a particular area and to inform their loved ones that they are safe.

The "explosion" Facebook later mentioned referred to a man from Nan province who threw giants firecrackers at police after he climbed to the rooftop of a bank in the Government House compound on Tuesday, demanding justice for a land dispute in his home province.

In the recent times Social networking site has confronted disapproval for allowing fake news to flourish.

This Safety Check, which reportedly came around 9pm local time, mentioned that an explosion took place in Bangkok and encouraged local users to mark themselves as safe. BangkokInformer.com remained offline Thursday morning.

The alert page had only one supporting link, which redirected people to news articles about an August 2015 bombing in Bangkok that killed 20 people. This will work through the detection of keywords such as "bomb", "explosions", "earthquakes' and so on".

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