Barack Obama spent Christmas with the Marines

For eight years, Barack Obama has led a military fighting in multiple theaters overseas, becoming the only president in USA history to serve full two terms with the nation at war.

The president is noting that USA troops are serving on Christmas in risky places like Iraq and Afghanistan, with some engaged in missions against the Islamic State group.

There was a tinge of wistfulness as Obama went by US troops on Christmas for the last time, and some seriousness, as well.

President Barack Obama is spending the morning after Christmas at a gym on a marine corps base near his Hawaii vacation rental.

Barack Obama had done what no other person of color had done before, he beats all odds to become the first black president of the great United States of America. A couple hundred troops sat around tables with their families and listened to President Obama's speech while they enjoyed a spirited Christmas dinner.

The president, who spent Christmas Eve calling troops serving overseas, pointed out that as Americans celebrate the holidays, US troops are serving in risky, remote places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Obama said that although it was his final time addressing them while in the White House, his gratitude for those in service would never end before he and the first lady spent about an hour greeting the troops.

Obama placed the calls from Hawaii, where he is on vacation with his family.

U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama speak to U.S. Marines and personnel at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kailua, Hawaii, on December 25, 2016.

He told troops that even after leaving office he hoped to continue visiting the base "for many years to come".

"I understand that I still have a little rank as ex-president", he said to laughs.

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