Ken Bone learns the hard way what it's like to be famous

Ken Bone

Ken says it's a case of people just trying to take him down, now that he's in the spotlight.

America's debate sweetheart may be a bit bad to the Bone.

Bone and his red sweater melted the country's heart with his earnest question during the first presidential debate, which was a refreshing moment during an otherwise contentious evening. "From what I read about the case, the shooting of Trayvon Martin was legally justified".

In one subreddit about Jennifer Lawrence's hacked nude photos, Bone wrote: "Maybe she should have been more careful with her pics, but the bad guys are still the ones who sought them out and looked at them".

When users saw that he had been on Reddit for years, they quickly perused his comment history - and were shocked to find Bone was a regular participant in NSFW forums and referred to pregnant women as "beautiful human submarines".

Bone, 34, inadvertently lifted the veil on his squeaky clean image on Thursday during an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit. I'm just a guy.

It's not yet clear if Bone's apparent Reddit past will end his 5 days of internet fame. In the same post, he called Martin's shooter, George Zimmerman, a "big old s- bird". He defended a rape victim on a post titled "My ex told me I was disgusting after rape".

In a comment sent to CNNMoney, Uber said the company's relationship with Bone was limited to the one-time launch event in St. Louis. "Your value has not changed due his words, or any assault you have endured".

At least Bone managed to brush off the porn comments as only he can.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" didn't immediately respond to CNN's request for comment.

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