Trump and Clinton on national security

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The Democratic presidential candidate touted her national security credentials at a hastily scheduled press conference outside her campaign plane, denigrating rival Donald Trump for using the incidents to make "some kind of demagogic point".

Trump past year called for indefinitely barring all Muslims from entering the US.

But while much of the foreign policy establishment has rallied around Clinton, Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric, promises to close US borders and vows to aggressively profile potential terrorists have fueled his presidential bid.

"My opponent has the most open borders policy of anyone ever to seek the presidency", Trump said.

Bill Kristol joined CNN's Jake Tapper Monday to discuss how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton handled responding to the attacks in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota during the weekend.

Hillary Clinton may now be recognizing the political impact of terrorism on the campaign since she, too, issued a tough statement saying, "I strongly condemn the apparent terrorist attacks" and pledging "we will not rest" until "we bring those responsible to justice".

The suspect of the bombing, Ahmad Khan Rahami, was born in Afghanistan but is a naturalized citizen.

"The Obama-Clinton doctrine of not taking ISIS seriously enough has emboldened terrorists all over the world".

"We can not let this evil continue".

Ew! We look good!: The 23-year-old songstress and late night talk show host shared a Snapchat face swap image of themselves
Ew! We look good!: The 23-year-old songstress and late night talk show host shared a Snapchat face swap image of themselves

"There's a reason why we haven't had a woman President", Obama said at a swanky Manhattan fund-raiser dinner for the Democratic nominee Sunday. You and I would be in prison if we did far less, yet she skates free. His campaign declined to say whether it came from a national security briefing.

The Trump campaign responded by saying Clinton bears some responsibility for the violence by not persuading Obama to leave a residual force of U.S. troops in Iraq when she was his secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

Trump, who has based much of his campaign message on arguing that the United States is no longer safe and that he alone can protect the nation, told Fox News on Monday morning that he expected more attacks.

Exactly one week before Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off in the first general election debate, Trump has given some insight into his debate prep.

And I want to do my best to answer those questions.

Citing former intelligence and counterterrorism officials who have criticized Trump, Clinton branded the Republican nominee as a "recruiting sergeant for the terrorists".

Obama received the support of 60 percent of voters under age 30 in 2012, according to exit polls reported by the New York Times.

She's scheduled to meet with the leaders of Egypt, Ukraine and Japan later in the day in New York City.

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