Donald Trump Jr. likens Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles

Taking a cue from his father, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a head-scratching, racism-fueled mangled metaphor last night, in which he equated a handful of Syrian refugees to poisonous Skittles. It reads: "If I had a bowl of Skittles and told you just three would kill you".

The parent company of Skittles - and a lot of the internet - isn't so happy with that comparison.

And Skittles' manufacturer, Wrigley, was none too enthusiastic about being used as a political pawn by the Trump campaign, releasing a pithy statement to express its disapproval that began, "Skittles are candy. We respectfully refrain from further comment, as that could be misinterpreted as marketing".

"This image says it all", Donald Trump Jr, 38, wrote Monday, in a tweet showing a picture of a white bowl filled with the popular, rainbow-colored Skittles sweets.

Some noted the precarious position in which this has put the @Skittles social media manager, while a number of left-leaning Twitter users asked the company to intervene in support of the refugees.

Donald Trump Jr took to Twitter to express his views about refugees comparing them to Skittles, yes Skittles - the candy.

Still, the potential danger posed by Syrian refugees has been a central theme of the Trump campaign.

I'm grateful, therefore, to Donald Trump Jr. for correcting my delusions.

Trump Jr.'s insensitive tweet comes mere days after he made an off-the-rails Nazi-reference during a radio interview.

. But Walsh, whose Twitter account was suspended for tweeting apparent threats of violence against President Barack Obama and Black Lives Matters activists, told Chicago Inc. he "wished (Trump Jr.) hadn't posted my tweet word for word".

More people have been forced to flee their homes due to current global unrest than at any time since the Second World War, with the majority Syrians fleeing the five year civil war. As the Associated Press reports, Mike Huckabee used peanuts in his analogy condemning refugees entering the United States during his failed presidential run previous year.

"Skittles are candy. Refugees are people".

On the same day, a Somali-American with possible links to the Islamic State went on a stabbing rampage in Minnesota, injuring 10 people.

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