Pipe bomb explodes before Marines charity run; no injuries

Pipe bomb explodes before Marines charity run; no injuries

An explosion that went off in a garbage can Saturday morning in a New Jersey beach town likely was timed to disrupt a Marine Corps' charity run, authorities said.

The can was along what was to be the route for a Marine Corps charity run in Seaside Park, New Jersey, the Ocean County prosecutor's office said.

The trash can contained several "pipe bomb-type devices" wired together, Della Fave said. He said investigators were "fanning out" to secure the area before letting residents return, checking all public infrastructure, including trash cans and residence exteriors.

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force will lead an investigation, with help from other federal, state and local officials, to find out who is responsible, an FBI official said at a news conference Saturday afternoon. The seafood festival in Point Pleasant was canceled as a precaution.

Whitaker said restrictions on entry to Seaside Park and the beach have been lifted, however.

Police rushed to the scene, immediately evacuating about 30 homes located around the epicenter of the blast.

Authorities are investigating an explosion in a trash can near the boardwalk in Seaside Park, that occurred this morning as a charity 5K race to benefit Marines and sailors was about to begin.

The level of sophistication of the device is not known at this time, however, Della Fave said the way in which the device was detonated will reveal a lot about its complexity.

Cohen said those with information should contact his agency at 1-800-CALLFBI and press 1. He also declined to take questions from reporters, citing the "active, ongoing" investigation. Tell us in the comments!

"All of a sudden all the responders just went to the spot, and we heard it was some sort of device in a garbage barrel", said Donna Innaconi.

"I thought it might have been an explosion of some sort or a sonic boom", she said.

Young said she saw what appeared to be a recycling container "blown to smithereens".

Della Fave said multiple explosive devices were enclosed in the trash can, created to send shrapnel flying, but because only one of them detonated, "it appears it didn't do the damage it was supposed to".

"We can't speculate on that", Whitaker said.

"Our offices are in constant communication" with information that is evaluated and digested, Whittaker said, but he could not speculate on a connection between the Seaside Park and NY incidents. It was not immediately clear whether the second device was detonated, the website reported.

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