Trump's Putin Praise Highlights His Authoritarianism

Trump's Putin Praise Highlights His Authoritarianism

Obama's criticism of Trump's relationship with Putin was poignant because the USA government has alleged that Russian hackers broke into computer systems at Democratic campaign committees.

At the Florida rally, Mr Trump also brought up the controversy over his public embrace of Mr Putin that has opened up a renewed line of criticism of him by Mrs Clinton and his appearance on Russian television that have left some fellow Republicans uneasy.

Critics of the network, which mostly targets audiences outside of Russian Federation and also includes programming in Spanish, Hindi and Arabic, have described it as a propaganda arm of Putin's government. Clinton's campaign has charged that Putin's government may be trying to sway the US election in Trump's favor, a claim Putin denied in an interview with Bloomberg News.

Obama also mocked Trump's self-portrayal as a champion of working people - "he spent most of his life trying to stay as far away from working people as he could", the president said - and attacked the Republican for refusing to release his tax returns and for the activities of his charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

"I do not trust Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump". "Hillary Clinton has presided over the greatest series of foreign policy failures and blunders anyone has ever seen".

Trump criticized US policy in Iraq from the time of Republican President George W. Bush, who ordered the American-led invasion in 2003 in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, al Qaeda attacks on the United States.

He said he disagreed with the U.S. decision to invade Iraq in 2003 and that Mr Obama botched the withdrawal. According to Trump, the Russia-US anti-terrorism cooperation could have led to the victory over Daesh terrorist group. "If we got along with Russian Federation, that wouldn't be so bad, would it?"

Donald Trump speaks after he accepted the nomination for president of the United States at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on Thursday, July 21, 2016.

Trump's interview surfaced as he and Clinton continue to clash over foreign policy in the run-up to the November 8 election.

Trump, speaking on Friday at the conservative Value Voters summit in Washington, painted Clinton as a "massive failure" while she was America's top diplomat from 2009 to early 2013, blaming her for the current turmoil in the Middle East.

King noted that RT is just one of the channels that distributes King's "Politicking" show, and said content of the show has never been influenced by the Kremlin.

He said any nation that wants to join the USA against IS is welcome.

"Although we have global sanctions against North Korea, some of which I helped to negotiate when I was there, they aren't enough either", Clinton said Friday.

Clinton meanwhile held a working session on terrorism and national security with a group of experts that included ousted former Central Intelligence Agency director David Petraeus, former commander of United States forces in Afghanistan John Allen and former National Counterterrorism Center Director Matt Olsen.

Bennet Omalu, the doctor who inspired the film Concussion and discovered CTE, has advised Clinton's campaign officials to perform a toxicologic analysis of her blood as he believes the presidential candidate could have been poisoned.

Asked on Thursday if he agrees with Trump, Pence told CNN, "I think it's inarguable that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger leader in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country".

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