Pokemon Go targeting global rollout 'soon' as Nintendo shares skyrocket

In just a span of a few days, Nintendo and Niantic's augmented reality game Pokemon GO has become the biggest game in USA history, if you measure its daily active users (DAU).

If you were born before 1984 you may have been slightly baffled by all the talk and media coverage of Pokemon Go. It was delayed due to server issues caused by the overwhelming popularity of the game.

For Android: To update the Pokemon Go users must be using devices with Android 4.4 version or above. However, it was observed by Adam Reeve that upon doing so, "Pokémon GO" gets full access to the platform, which means that the game app can see and apply modifications to an individual's Google account.

The augmented reality game, which has more than 65 million users in the United States just seven days after launch, is surpassing Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram in time spent on the app.

Many users are trying all kinds of tricks to download the app as it is not yet available in all countries worldwide. "More, Google already has most of information about its users, so this isn't anything new for them".

Unlike previous Pokemon games this latest one is not for Nintendo's hand-held consoles but is a free download for Android and iOS devices. Coffee shops and restaurants have already been using "lures" in the game, which attract Pokemon for 30 minutes.

According to a cyber security firm, F-Secure, privacy and security concerns regarding Pokémon Go are overblown.

Hanke declined to go into a detailed timeframe for further rollouts but noted that the company's first location-based augmented reality game Ingress had taken a month or two to reach that number of markets.

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