New York reports first female-to-male Zika transmission via sex

When her baby was born, however, the baby, along with having microcephaly, tested positive for Zika, leading doctors to believe the mother had been carrying the virus all along.

One reason is that Zika virus has been found to linger in semen for more than two months, but is thought to stay in vaginal fluid no more than two weeks, said Dr. John T. Brooks, a CDC expert on sexually-transmitted diseases who is part of the agency's Zika response team.

NYC Health reports there have been 309 cases of Zika virus in New York City as of July 15, but all of those have been acquired through travel. Other countries have also used mosquito control to stop the Zika virus from spreading.

Zika has not been detected in mosquitoes in Virginia, but State Health Commissioner Dr. Marissa Levine expects that to change.

The DSHS said Texas has logged 59 cases of Zika virus disease, including three confirmed cases of Zika in pregnant women. All are related to travel overseas to areas with active Zika transmission.

A baby has been born with a Zika-related birth defect, officials in Harris County said today.

While there is now no reason to believe any mosquitoes are affected, the Bell County epidemiologist and preparedness team is conducting mosquito surveillance and providing public health education information.

"We are going to start getting bites more frequently, throughout the county and the region with all the heavy rains we have seen", Prather said.

Health officials said the kits will contain educational materials, EPA-registered insect repellent for skin, permethrin spray repellent for treating clothing and shoes, standing water tablets for killing mosquito larvae, and condoms to prevent sexual transmission of Zika. The infant received a definitive positive result. Even though no cases of woman-to-woman Zika transmission have yet been reported, the CDC now urges female sexual partners of pregnant women to use barrier methods every time they have sex if they live in or have recently returned to an area with active Zika transmission. "Our hearts go out to the family".

Women infected with Zika can pass the virus to sex partners, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday, citing the example of a NY woman known to be the first such case. The man was uncircumcised, which always raises the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted viral diseases, such as and herpes, Brooks said.

Major Texas cities have sophisticated mosquito screening programs and years of experience dealing with other mosquito-borne illnesses such as dengue and West Nile virus.

Various mosquito surveillance programs in local communities will send in specimens. Symptoms take 2-7 days to show up after the bite. The Department of Health has yet to respond to Daily News requests for comment, or to identify the patients.

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