Facebook Moves All Its Employees to Microsoft Office

Facebook Moves All Its Employees to Microsoft Office

Facebook CIO Tim Campos made a guest appearance recently at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 as a keynote speaker.

Campos told Worldwide Partner Conference attendees that Facebook was assured of Office 365 platform, and found the Office 365's security capabilities appealing for the company.

Facebook will announce plans for its 13,000 employees to use the cloud-based Office 365 suite of programs this week, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Campos also said that it's Facebook's policy to allow its 13,000 users to use what makes sense for them on the collaboration front and support their use of those products.

Access will be restricted to other services from Office 365 including Skype and Yammer, which compete directly with Facebook's own services including Facebook for Work and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook, the unstoppable force in the social media space, has been a Silicon Valley success story about how a company can grow and take over an entire market in a few short years.

As Facebook starts using Microsoft's Office 365, it won't ditch the Facebook at Work, which would continue to be used internally. The platform houses special administrative and security tools for technology managers to utilize at various businesses.

Campos added that Facebook at Work does not end the need for email and that it is not a binary thing.

Research suggests that email is growing - not dying. Facebook employees will now be able to use the Office 365 suite to work more effectively. Today's companies use social network-like platforms for communication, brainstorming, annotate documents and to keep tab on projects. They turn to e-mail to connect with vendors, job recruits and others outside their organisation.

"Office 365 also brings capabilities beyond Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that are hard to replicate". Such a tool would help Facebook employees to quickly go through reams of data to glean necessary information, something the social network would highly benefit from, considering its user-base of over 1.6 billion.

It will be interesting to see if Facebook's vote of confidence in Office will translate into other tech companies adopting Office 365.

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