Black worker facing charges for smashing slavery window at Yale

Black worker facing charges for smashing slavery window at Yale

His lawyer said there's an agreement to not prosecute, but there was no evidence of that agreement in court today.

The statement notes Menafee won't have to pay for the panel, and though he was arrested by New Haven police and faced a felony charge of criminal mischief, Yale won't pursue charges against him. Yet another offensive stained glass image, of a black person eating watermelon, was removed from Yale's main library in the mid 1990s.

"It's a relatively low-level crime anyhow", she said. "I had no right to destroy Yale's property", Menafee said.

The original panel, formerly located on the Elm Street side of the dining hall, depicted two slaves carrying bales of cotton through a cotton field. "Erasing Calhoun's name from a much-beloved residential college risks masking this past, downplaying the lasting effects of slavery, and substituting a false and misleading narrative, albeit one that might allow us to feel complacent or, even, self-congratulatory".

"Calhoun College is surrounded by racist images, like the pane that he knocked down", Matos said.

President Salovey stated this spring that Calhoun College will keep its name, but charged the Committee on Art in Public Spaces to "assess all of the art on campus, including the windows in Calhoun", according to Conroy.

In a statement to the newspaper, the university's president for communications Eileen O'Connor said that shards of glass reportedly "fell on a passersby but that the woman was not injured".

In a statement posted on Tuesday, Yale states that it requested that the state's attorney not press charges. Both managers described Menafee as a "very good employee" who had "not given cause for serious discipline in the past".

"My client liked his job and his colleagues and wants his job back", she said. "He likes his job ... he likes his colleagues".

Menafee lost his job, he told the Independent, because the university deemed him a threat to students; he'd been working at the school since September 2007. "But there's always better ways of doing things like that than just destroying things".

"I'm glad that (Menafee) did it. Yale's crime - continuing to display racist images that made student and staff uncomfortable - was far worse than his", says Fish Stark, a rising senior at Yale. After smashing it, he apologized and resigned during a meeting with officials from his union, Local 35 Unite Here, and Yale, Kane said.

More than two dozen protesters gathered on the court steps Tuesday holding signs and chanting, "Justice for Corey Menafee".

For the past year, student activists at Yale have campaigned for the university to change the name of Calhoun College because of its links to slavery. It says it already planned to remove the window.

Previous attempts by students to have the window replaced had failed.

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