Yale employee smashes window over controversial image

Groups Rally for Yale Worker Accused of Smashing Slavery Image

An African American man who broke a stained glass panel in Yale's Calhoun residential college dining hall has lost his job.

Corey Menafee is not some marginalized person that society has oppressed - he's a 2001 graduate of Virginia Union University, an historically black institution, and a father of two; he worked for a "management services firm" before joining Yale nearly nine years ago. He told the New Haven Independent he no longer wanted to see the image, calling it racist and "very degrading". "It's 2016, I shouldn't have to come to work and see things like that".

A prosecutor told Judge Philip Scarpellino that Yale wants the police to return 27 shards of glass from the window, one of several depicting John C. Calhoun and the era of slavery, all of which will now be removed. Yale University says it plans to remove stained-glass windows depicting Calhoun before the fall semester begins.

Menafee was in court Tuesday facing a felony charge of criminal mischief and a misdemeanor reckless endangerment charge.

On Tuesday, protesters gathered at the courthouse in New Haven, Connecticut, in support of Menafee.

"Calhoun College is surrounded by racist images, like the pane that he knocked down", Matos said.

The university reported Menafee has resigned and the school will not press charges. Give him a hearing.

But Menafee said his decision to break the window had nothing to do with student protests.

"I didn't realize what I did had such an impact on other people", Menafee said.

A tribute to one of America's greatest injustices received a farewell when a black dishwasher used a broomstick to send a stain-glass panel depicting slaves carrying cotton crashing to the floor.

Yale is not seeking restitution for the broken window.

"The employee apologized for his actions and subsequently resigned from the University", Conroy said.

Yale says breaking of the glass presented a safety issue - that it glass fell onto a sidewalk and hit a passing woman, who was not injured. I would guess that many members of the Yale community appreciate Menafee's precise surgical excision of a malignant image that once glowed balefully down upon their heads as they tried to enjoy the dining hall's famous tofu apple crisp. "I probably shouldn't have but I did", he said outside court after his appearance.

Salovey also charged the school's Committee on Art in Public Spaces to assess all of the art on campus as part of a broader initiative to review the school's historical relationship with slavery, the school said Tuesday.

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