Texas governor to miss Republican convention

Texas governor to miss Republican convention

Abbott's lower legs were scalded by hot water while on vacation at Jackson Hole Wyoming last week, but his office has not yet said how.

First Lady Cecilia Abbott will attend the memorial service in his place and it's uncertain if the governor will make it to next week's GOP convention.

The Governor's Office said Governor Greg Abbott will undergo skin graft surgery after sustaining 2nd and 3rd degree burn injuries to his legs and feet.

Abbott is "expected to be discharged and will return to Austin" after the procedure, his office announced. Hirsch says Abbott's legs were wrapped but covered by trousers. Just as he was being released, he received word that gunman Micah X. Johnson had opened fire in downtown Dallas. Abbott was burned by scalding water on both legs below the knees and his feet. The extensive and severe burns were reportedly the result of a "hot water accident", but sources close to Governor Abbot have declined to comment further regarding what happened, other than to say that the governor was injured on Thursday.

Abbott defied doctors' orders not to travel then and headed to Dallas, where he held a news conference Friday — but didn't disclose being burned.

Abbott's staff said the governor's schedule will be "day to day" through his recovery process.

As reported by NBC DFW, the governor asked a charter flight to Dallas be arranged for him and that the Governor's Mansion have blue lights in honor of the officers who were killed in Dallas on Thursday. He won't be able to attend the memorial for fallen officers in Dallas. According to Abbott's spokesperson Matt Hirsch, Abbott did not want to distract attention from the events in Dallas.

It wasn't until Sunday evening when the Austin American-Statesman first broke the news of the governor's burns.

The next day, the governor was back in Texas. According to ABC News, Abbott had supported Texas Senator Ted Cruz, but now he has said that he will support Donald Trump.

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