Dallas shooter wrote cryptic message with his own blood

"As painful as the week has been, I fully believe that America is not as divided as people have suggested", he was quoted as saying by USA Today on the sidelines of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Warsaw. "We are in a polarized political climate right now where the "us-versus-them" mentality has started to reign supreme". "You're not seeing riots, and you're not seeing police going after people who are protesting peacefully".

Two days after the killing of five police officers by a black USA army veteran Micah Johnson during a protest rally in Dallas, a nearby parking lot was searched on Saturday for a "suspicious person" but no one was found.

Chief Brown said officers killed the man with a bomb-disposal robot jury-rigged with explosives. In Dallas, authorities received an anonymous threat Saturday, prompting police to tighten up security. The suspect said he was upset at white people.

It was the third straight day of widespread protests after the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling, 37, by police in Baton Rouge last Tuesday and the death of Philando Castile, 32, the following night in a St Paul, Minnesota suburb, cities which both saw protests over the weekend.

Obama said Americans can not let the actions of a few define all.

US President Barack Obama said the US was "not as divided as some have suggested" in the wake of the shootings involving African-Americans. The sniper killed five police officers and wounded seven others.

He was killed by a robot-delivered bomb Thursday after the shootings, which marked the deadliest day for USA law enforcement since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

There's no evidence that the robot that the Dallas Police Department used during the attack last week was sold as a weaponized machine, however.

Hundreds of protesters shut down I-94, a major thoroughfare linking the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. "Everybody is talking about the officers who were hit, but there were also two protesters injured - including a mother who took a bullet while she was shielding her boy". Brown accepted the idea of taking him out with a bomb carried by a police robot to within a few feet of Johnson. "There has been media reports of shots fired at police headquarters, there has been no shots fired".

There were protests in other cities including Washington, San Francisco, Nashville, Tennessee, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Daily Beast further reported that, although he was effectively blacklisted from membership across militant black power groups, Johnson attended protests related to police brutality against black people and liked a number of black power groups on Facebook.

"With respect to the issue of guns, I am going to keep on talking about the fact that we can not eliminate all racial tension in our country overnight".

"We are putting in a lot of hours to make sure we keep control of the narrative, to make sure that the hate doesn't breed, to make sure that tensions don't rise in the police reform activist community and the police community", he said.

"We're convinced that this suspect had other plans", he said.

After shooting at the Dallas officers, Johnson tried to take refuge in a parking garage and exchanged gunfire with police, authorities said.

Johnson had served in the US military in the Afghan war.

A search of his Dallas-area home turned up bomb-making materials and a manual in which he wrote about military tactics.

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