Activist Mckesson Arrested as Cities Protest Police Violence

Activist Mckesson Arrested as Cities Protest Police Violence

Spokeswoman Casey Rayborn Hicks of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office told The Associated Press on Sunday that 101 people were being held in the parish jail in connection with the protests. "We will review them, but that should take us some time". The service included a memorial.

Mckesson, who is best-known for documenting the protests in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting death of Michael Brown, was filming the protest when he was detained by police.

A march was planned Friday night in Philadelphia to protest the deadly shootings of black men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota. The police have been violent tonight. The crowd was estimated at more than 1,000.

Then, by Sunday night, a few hundred people aimed for an on-ramp of Interstate 110 in Baton Rouge.

WAFB Assistant News Director Chris Slaughter was among the journalists arrested.

The skirmishes came on the fourth day of demonstrations reacting to the police-involved shooting of Alton Sterling in north Baton Rouge.

"They didn't have any problems out there". The group says that it is very unfortunate that the nation turned chaotic due to actions of one person.

"The police tactics in response have been very moderate". And while the demonstrations were largely peaceful, tensions erupted in Minnesota and Louisiana, where police arrested more than 200 people.

Meanwhile, the Louisiana National Lawyers Guild has established a Crowd Rise for the ' Baton Rouge Bail Fund,' raising money for DeRay and other protestors now incarcerated; it's raised $15,615 of its $15K goal, and still climbing.

Officers in riot gear arrest dozens in Louisiana's capital near the close of a long hot weekend of protests over the killings of black people by police, with demonstrations around the country punctuated by activist attempts to block some key interstates.

Police and protesters demonstrate in a residential neighborhood in Baton Rouge, La. on Sunday, July 10, 2016. According to Mckesson, he was charged with obstruction of a roadway.

"I can assure everyone we are hearing the protesters", the governor said.

In St. Paul, however, scuffles broke out between protesters and police on Interstate 94.

Black people police brutality

Howell said officers who do "reckless, unsafe things" must be held accountable.

Protesters, told to disperse, threw rocks, bottles and construction rebar at officers, injuring at least three, St. Paul police said.

Police believe the secondary protest was initiated by out-of-state groups. He claimed he was trying to move the crowd along and keep the peace.

"I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for him", said Martin, who said the officer was 6 feet away when he sprayed him without warning. To me it seemed like: "You're going to have to come and get me". "It's burning pretty bad".

More recently, the Bachman shot calls to mind a photograph of activist Maria-Teresa "Tess" Asplund standing alone and confronting several hundred neo-Nazi marchers in Sweden, her fist firmly raised in protest.

Mckesson is an outspoken leader who regularly advocates and protests against police brutality.

The same week Castile and were killed, a gunman killed five police officers at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas.

"This was a mobile shooter who had written manifestos on how to shoot and move, shoot and move, and that's what he did", Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said.

Baton Rouge police have issued a statement saying they are investigating a newspaper website's video that appears to show an officer with his weapon temporarily drawn at one point early Saturday morning as angry protesters confronted police. They sought to shut down police activity and traffic in the precincts as part of what they proclaimed a "weekend of rage".

Communications during the initial chaos of the shooting, as officers huddled behind cruisers and protesters scrambled for cover, indicated there were multiple shooters. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article. The suspect was killed by police, by robot controlled bomb, as he hid in a parking garage.

"That will not be tolerated - we don't operate like that in Louisiana", Edwards said.

Rappers Snoop Dogg and The Game led a peaceful march to Los Angeles police headquarters, where they met with the mayor and police chief and urged improved relations between authorities and minority communities.

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