Jabari Parker to Joe Walsh: You won't touch President Obama

Jabari Parker to Joe Walsh: You won't touch President Obama

Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh is defending a tweet in which he told President Obama to "watch out" in regards to the Dallas police ambush.

"Yeah. Oh, absolutely, because I stand by what I meant, Don", the unrepentant 54-year-old said Friday night.

The shooting deaths of five police officers at a Black Lives Matters rally in Dallas, Texas by a lone gunman have certainly provoke a wide range emotions from people, including anger, grief and sorrow. "That's not what I meant, Don".

Walsh said members of the Black Lives Matter movement have a legitimate issue with incidents taking place across the county, but even they admitted last night's incident did nothing to improve the situation.

Many wondered at whether Walsh's tweets should have consequences - though they doubted there would be any.

"4 Dallas Cops assassinated tonight". "This is now war. Real America is coming after you", Mr. Walsh, host of the "The Joe Walsh Show", based in Chicago, wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted, The Chicago Tribune reported. Though the company would not comment on the tweet due to privacy reasons, spokesman Nu Wexler pointed CNN to a Twitter policy saying users "may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism".

- Matt Aaron Harper (@MattAaronHarper) July 8, 2016Joe Walsh needs to be arrested for threatening our President.

He continued to rant for hours afterward.

. "I wish black Americans would get off this". If Walsh was really down for his cause, he should go ahead stand in solidarity with officers by getting in the back of the police auto and taking residence in a jail cell.

"I lay in bed wide awake with my gun by my side", Walsh, a former IL congressman, said on his nationally-syndicated program, The Wrap reports.

As of late Friday morning he hadn't heard from authorities, though he said he alerted local police because he has been "bombarded" with online threats and "hate" and he fears for his safety.

"Joe Walsh threatens President Obama on Thursday", added Huffington Post reporter Michael Calderone, sharing a Daily News story on Walsh's initial salvo.

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