Three interesting facts you have never known about casinos

Three interesting facts you have never known about casinos

Every decent citizen in varying measures has an idea of gambling entertainments some of them has already had a success in trying the fortune. They prefer to spend their free time at the best online casinos, enjoying the risky games and making their bets. However, few people have a deep knowledge in the field of gambling sphere. And only a few of them know some historical facts. The history of gambling you can not learn at school or University. And probably there are not so many historians who work in this sphere.

Ladies and gentlemen, we offer you the most interesting entertaining historical facts from the sphere of gambling entertainment. Now you can enlighten all your friends with these facts or just go to the mobile casino  and win the money.

So, here these three simple facts:

1. Did you know that providing electricity to Las Vegas is more expensive than the coverage of the whole France? Las Vegas is one of the shiniest cities in the world. And still, it was built in a desert, so of course part of the electricity is taken by the work of air conditioners.

2. The largest jackpot in the history of gambling has been played in the American lottery "Mega Millions" in 2007. The prize fund was 390 million dollars. In total, 176 million lottery tickets were sold. The chance of winning was equal 1 to 176 000 000. As a result, 2 raffle tickets have won, and each of them received a 190 million. Of course, you probably have already calculated this mistake. But it is not. We have no idea where are the 10 million (190 + 190 = 380) dollars now.

3. The first lottery that was referred to in Russia took place during the reign of Peter I in 1700. This year can rightly be considered as the official start of the gambling business in Russia.


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