The real mystery of the new secret agent

The real mystery of the new secret agent

James Bond character still has more to tell to its audience. And while Daniel Craig, ан actor who played 007 Agent in the last movies said that he would better break the glass with his own bare hands and hurt his wrists than play in another James Bond movie, the place is still vacant.

The fictional hero made by Ian Fleming lives in our hearts since 1953. It changed faces during many movies, made about him. And probably, it has lost its animal magnetism and freshness of the spy tricks after some time. He was criticized badly for his love multiple love affairs, drinking, smoking, and so on. However, he always had the image of the macho with a nice tan and strong muscles under his suit. So, we can expect new Bond with the same equipment, as well.

No matter what Emilia Clarke or Gillian Anderson is telling to the journalists, we can hardly believe that some of them will be our next Jane Bond.

And since the best our guess, British cutie Tom Hiddleston does not believe that he will play next Bond, the chances for the betting are equal for any of you. So, please, suit yourself, guessing the Next James Bond after Daniel Craig betting with William Hill.

While Jillian Anderson is making the pictures with herself at the famous James Bond background, she is just at the even place at the top 10 search for the next Bond in Google.

The first place still belongs to the Loki, Tom Hiddleston.

Even Sam Mendes, the ex-director of last Bond’s movie warns us that the next James will be played by the unexpected actor, pointing that Hiddleston is not who we are looking for. He said that the last world will be after Barbara Broccoli, the producer.

The second guess is Aidan Turner. At the third place is Tom Hardy, and after them are Idris Elba, Damian Lewis and Henry Cavill. We have some doubts about color of James Bond gender and skin, after all, his fictional world has a strict rules. Anyway, the producer may want to show completely new and fresh story about secret agent, running far away from the original plot. The seventh place has Michael Fassbender, and he definitely looks like a perfect James Bond for us. All his previous roles were focused on his own masculinity and it is hard to deny that he is a real macho of the modern world.

It is your time to make a guess. And after all, we will see who was right or not very soon.


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