Whose side are you on in the Ryder Cup 2016?

Whose side are you on in the Ryder Cup 2016?

No matter how bad we will miss Ian Poulter, the famous Mr. Ryder Cup, he still will be a part of September competitions, as the supporting side.

Arthritis on his foot does not allow famous golf legend to take part in the competitions as the equal golfer. However, he will make a speech as the co-captain in the team of Darren Clarke. Probably, he will inspire the team to follow his amazing game in 2012.

At least, we know what to expect. Since Poulter will not play in September, this might be one of the reasons why bookies like William Hill has 5/4 odds in Europe over 4/5 on the opponent.

The Ryder Cup favorite with all his expression and fire in the eyes will stay at the backstage with another coach Darren Clarke.

Till many of you probably think that it is not longer to be worse watching Ryder Cup without an ambitious athlete, we can disagree. Yes, Poulter made the whole show with his brilliant game, but he is not the one and only Mr. Ryder Cup.

Besides, you can’t miss this extravagant Englishman helping to an English team.  Perhaps Clarke will make him not just the vice-coach but mainly the motivational speaker, so he will use his energy for good.

And, actually, we think that if Poulter will tell players his own story, they will be motivated enough. This guy definitely passed the hard road to become Mr. Ryder Cup. At his 17 he was a shop assistant, and then suddenly we saw him in five fantastic games of Ryder Cup with 12 victories and two halves from eighteen matches in general.

As the experienced coach Clarke believes that Poulter is amazing inside the team, he can really make miracles working as the vice-coach.

Arthritis will not give Poulter to play at least until October. And there are not a lot of optimistic prognoses for the future. So we can hope that he will go against all the odds as he always did.

While Poulter has his rest, Rory McIlroy is ready for a big fight. He has the leading scores and does not afraid of Jordan Spieth or Dustin Johnson.

Probably, he will join the team after the tournament in Denmark, on August 28, while American team will be formed during the Barclays, which will take place at the same time.

Clarke will choose another three members of his team till August, 29. However, we will know the complete list of the US players only after September 25’ Tour Championship. You can also see the odds and click here for golf betting specials to be updated with the predictions for the championship. 


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