Jennifer Streit-Spears: Photos From Victim's Facebook Page

Police say Kenneth Amyx stabbed his girlfriend to death then shared it on Facebook

A Plano man has been arrested after authorities said he allegedly killed his girlfriend, and then posted a photo of her body on Facebook.

Detectives have since collected the Facebook photos, and logged the pictures as evidence for trial.

Alan Amyx has been arrested and detained at the Collins County jail. According to inmate records, Amyx has previously been convicted of ongoing sexual abuse of a child, as well indecent exposure to a child in Dallas County. His bail was set at $200,000.

Officers went to check on Jennifer Streit-Spears, 43, around 10:00 a.m. Sunday after receiving a call from her sister about a possible disturbance, said police spokesman David Tilley.

He added that Amyx and Spears were "likely dating" at the time of her death.

Family and friends were horrified to see the bloody images on Jennifer Streit-Spears own Facebook page
FACEBOOK Family and friends were horrified to see the bloody images on Jennifer Streit-Spears' own Facebook page

Amyx told police Streit-Spears had "chickened out", becoming too weak after he cut her neck and they'd taken turns cutting each other.

The police spokesman continued Streit-Spears told him 'she was cold and she said hit it hard (cut her harder),' the affidavit stated.

Neighbor Taylor Dunafan told CBS Dallas/Fort Worth she never noticed anything unusual about the couple.

While the photos have been deleted since the murder, repeated attempts from by Streit-Spears' sister to get the photo taken down were denied.


No motive has been made public for the crime.

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