33 men gang raped 16-year-old in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, host city for the 2016 Summer Olympics, far outpaces most of the country in the number of rape cases reported, however.

Brazilian police are searching for at least 30 people suspected in the alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl and of posting graphic video and images of her on social media that have shocked the South American country.

The perpetrators put up pictures and a video of the girl on Twitter, sparking a nationwide backlash. The incident occurred in a Rio de Janeiro slum over the weekend.

At a press conference Friday, police said they had identified four people who were involved, including one man who appeared in the video, the girl's boyfriend and two people who were heard on the video.

Badly shaken by the assault that went on for more than 36 hours, the victim tried to escape from a hospital several times on Thursday.

There are conflicting accounts of the alleged sexual assault, but according to the girl's statement to the police, she woke up naked and wounded on May the 22nd.

Among those who saw the images were the girl's horrified family. They messed up my daughter. They said the slow and disorderly justice system lacked teeth and allowed for impunity. "The video is shocking".

The girl's 19-year-old boyfriend was one of the men being sought, but police said they did not know whether he may have been one of the attackers.

The inscription reads "No to sexism", and the images, clockwise from top right: "But look at her clothes..."; "She deserved it!"; "16 years old and already has a son..."; "Apparently she was on drugs". Amid gloating, one voice can be heard saying she had been raped by "more than 30".

Amália Fischer of Fundo Social Elas said the gang rape was a hate crime that should mobilise all the women of Brazil. " Another man named Juninho tweeted a picture of his face next to the woman's genitalia with the caption: "Rio state opens a new tunnel for the speed train". Twitter has been trending with hashtags like #EstuproNaoÉCulpaDaVitima - Portuguese for "rape is not the victim's fault". "It is an act of barbarity and cowardice". The attack on this young woman is also an aggression against all women. We are seeing an increasing dehumanization and disrespect for others.

Police said the men were armed, though it wasn't clear if the weapons were used to intimidate the victim during the attack.

In one video on Facebook, a woman complains the media are ignoring the rape by "not one, not two, not 10 - 30 men!"

Brazilian media are being criticized for their slow reaction to the story, while thousands of people are reacting online.

The dogs showed off their new skills Wednesday in exercises at Rio's worldwide airport. Publishing rape scenes is a crime, and they will go to jail regardless of their participation in the actual rape.

Brazil, a conservative, majority-Catholic nation of 200 million people, has long struggled to curb violence against women.

In 2014, 47,636 rapes were reported in Brazil.



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