The Division 1.04 PS4 update live with patch notes

The Division Hijacking Loot

We knew that the big The Division update 1.2 was coming today on May the 24th, but now we can confirm that the new version has gone live on PS4, with The Division 1.04 PS4 update specifically.

As far as we’re aware, the game has been updated simultaneously on PC and Xbox One as well which is great to see. PS4 users should see a whopping 5.9GB install which appears to be the biggest file size compare to PC and Xbox One which are both smaller in size.

For those that want to know what is new in The Division 1.04 on PS4, Ubisoft has a full list of changes with the patch notes here on the official website.

As per Ubisoft blog, the most exciting addition to the upcoming update will be brand new Incursion in Columbus Circle, "Clear Sky".

The problem with the new system, according to Forbes' Paul Tassi, is that it creates too many levels of RNG, or random number generator, as gamers play through hard activities and hope to get the maximum level of gear, while also hoping that the gear comes with the stats and perks that the gamer wants.

Lone Star - Never reload your weapons again with this game changing utility set. Lastly, Predator's Mark is the support set which will increase range and damage with both assault rifles and pistols.

Conflict's second new feature is high-value targets or HVT. Now opposing players have the choice of hijacking this loot during the extraction process, simply by cutting the rope and collecting the gear off the ground.

However, players found that only the lowest level of the High-End items are appearing most of the time, with the higher-level High-End items mostly only acquired through the Incursion activity. In addition, players will now be able to hijack loot in the Dark Zone, which will make things even more intense than before.

I hope that these new gear sets won't fall into the same issue that arose once players got their hands on the complete Sentry's Call set.

The May update, also known as Conflict, is set to add another four to the game, and thanks to a recent Twitter post, fans now have a much better idea of what kind of bonuses each one has.



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