SPS already follows transgender bathroom law

An online politics and polling operation says Gov. Bill Haslam's 2016 voter approval rating stands at 63 percent almost unchanged from last year

Hillsborough County Schools already lists gender identity protection in its district wide nondiscrimination policy.

The district's Title IX coordinator is the director of human resources, a position now vacant at RPS.

In the past, like districts across the state, we have addressed student civil rights in a sensitive manner while providing accommodations, when necessary, to meet the emotional needs of each student.

In addition to drafting a transgender policy bulletin after the bill passed, which allows students to use names that may be different from their birth certificate, employees have undergone staff development with Gender Spectrum, an East Bay group focused on creating gender-inclusive environments for children. "All of the feedback has been super positive".

Some parents had voiced initial displeasure past year with the decision to grant access to a men's bathroom for a transgender student who had previously attended school as a female.

The best practices document also gives guidance on how schools can "protect the privacy rights of all students", holding up a suggestion from Washington state that recommends offering "students who may feel uncomfortable sharing the facility with the transgender student(s)" the option to use a separate single-occupant restroom.

"In their classroom roll, they can be called their preferred name rather than their legal name", Nugent said.

"I think this is a huge stride, huge, huge step for the transgender community", said Schraufstetter. Mississippi Republican Gov. Phil Bryant said Obama's administration was "forcing its liberal agenda" on states that reject it. The school is in the process of adding a second one at that campus, although there are more to come system wide, she said.

He said he received messages of support in response to a Ledger article about the post.

But for transgender children, things can be even more challenging, especially at school, says Ben Hudson with the Gender Health Center in Sacramento.

Brevard County Public School said it will have no change in behavior, while Volusia County Public Schools said, "The district is committed to working with transgender students to accommodate their privacy".

A gender-neutral bathroom is seen at the University of California, Irvine in Irvine, California.



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