A Revamped Pimlico Meet will Begin Thursday with the May 21 Preakness Stakes

A Revamped Pimlico Meet will Begin Thursday with the May 21 Preakness Stakes

With the Preakness Stakes only a couple of weeks away, horse racing fans are already checking out Preakness Stakes lines trying to figure out if they should bet on Nyquist to win the race or if they will find more value picking another horse.

While most of the attention is on the Preakness, Pimlico racetrack will be hosting the Pimlico meet on Thursday. The event, which normally takes place for 28 days will start later than in previous years, and will end in June.

Last year, the event ended on the same day as the Belmont Stakes, but this year, it is scheduled to end on June 26, a few weeks after the end of the Triple Crown races. Sal Sinatra, the president of the Maryland Jockey Club, said he was curious to see how the late start affects the event. According to Sinatra, one of the benefits of the late start is that the track is still fresh because it hasn’t been run on.

15 of the 16 races scheduled to take place during the event will take place on May 20, and the day of the Preakness. The $1.5 million purse the winner of the Preakness gets will be aided by seven of the stakes, most notably the Dixie Stakes, the Gallorette, and the Maryland Sprint.

The purse for the Dixie Stakes has been reduced from $300,000 to $250,000. The Black-Eyed Susan stakes, which features 3-year-old fillies, is the top stake on May 20. Some of the other races taking place that day include the Miss Preakness, which has a $150,000, the Pimlico Special, which has a $300,000 purse, and the Allaire duPont Distaff, which has a $150,000 purse.

The winner of the Miss Preakness will receive a free breeding with Point of Entry, and the winner of the Black-Eyed Susan will get a free breeding with Ghostzapper. Both stallions are kept at Adena Springs, which is in Kentucky, and owned by Frank Stronach, whose company runs Pimlico and Laurel.

The races will be held from Thursdays through Sundays, but there won’t be any racing on the Sunday following the Preakness.

Last year, guests at Pimlico didn’t have a very pleasant experience because the venue experienced water pressure problems which flooded the restrooms and created unsanitary conditions. History is not going to repeat itself this year because a $35,000 water pump has been installed to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

A new high-definition video screen has also been installed ahead of the Preakness this year to give fans a better view of the action even if they are far from the track. 

Trevor McCarthy won the jockey title this year over Victor Carrasco after riding three winners on Sunday at the Laurel Park meet. With the win, McCarthy now has four jockey titles. After winning the title, McCarthy told reporters that he has been fortunate to ride really good horses, and wouldn’t have won any of his titles without the horses and the support of their owners.

McCarthy also congratulated Victor Carrasco, whom he called a friend and a great rider that pushes him to ride harder and smarter.

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