Tunsil Won't Have To Enter Substance Abuse Program

Tunsil Won't Have To Enter Substance Abuse Program

The first night of the NFL Draft quickly became the Laremy Tunsil show because a video showing him smoking marijuana surfaced minutes before the start of the draft, then a screen grab of a conversation he had with an Ole Miss coach/staff member asking for money was posted on his Instagram account. The leaks dropped Tunsil from one of the top prospects in the draft to the 13th pick, costing him a lot of money. The Miami Dolphins, who picked Tunsil, will be one of next season’s favorite NFL betting picks because they got a really good player at a discount.

Despite being filmed smoking marijuana, the NFL has decided that it won’t force Tunsil to enter a substance abuse program. An NFL spokesperson did say that the league will monitor Tunsil and support him in the event that an intervention is needed.

According to an ESPN report, there is a clause in the collective bargaining agreement that would have allowed the NFL to put Tunsil into its program.

The report mentioned that the NFL had the power to put someone on the program if he exhibits behavior, which includes but is not limited to an arrest or conduct related to abuse of substances occurring up to two seasons before the player attends the scouting combine, that a doctor determines is the result of substance abuse.

The NFL deciding not to exercise the clause is good news for Tunsil, who had the roughest night at the draft anyone has had in recent history. Some people criticized Tunsil for exhibiting poor judgment by allowing himself to be filmed doing something illegal, but a majority of people had empathy for him because it was obvious that someone was trying to sabotage him on what was supposed to be one of the best nights of his life.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Tunsil didn’t know his Twitter account had been hacked until one of his reps mentioned it to him while he was in the green room. Since there was nothing he could do at the time, and had no way to explain the situation to the teams that were thinking of taking him, he had to sit there while everyone watching the draft was talking about him.

The leaked video made teams like the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers, and Chicago Bears, who all needed offensive linemen, to pass on Tunsil. 

After being selected by the Dolphins, Tunsil faced reporters who were eager to ask him about the video and the text messages with one of his coaches. In situations like that, athletes have been known to deflect the questions, declining to comment, or flat out lying about it. 

Tunsil fessed up to both the video and the text messages. He told the reporters that the video was from a couple of years ago, and also said that he accepted money while he was at Ole Miss. 

Some NFL insiders came down hard on Tunsil for admitting that he took money while he was in college, while others thought it was brave of him to be honest about the situation and try to learn from it.

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