Sex Sent Me to the Emergency Room

Sex Sent Me to the ER

Love is painful, love is kind and love can land you in a bay in the  emergency room. This series on The Learning Channel is exactly what this show is about.  There is nothing funny about medical emergencies, but some of these mishaps into love are hysterical.  The reenactments are even funnier as real life couples, threesomes and romantic oddballs recount love gone wrong.

As silly as the title may seem, much of the shows on TLC, are actually informative. This show is no different.  Who knew you could fracture a penis?  A threesome found this out in the laundry room when the ironing board fell on a randy lover’s little friend.

The show spends time answering some medical myths about sex.  Myths are debunked and answers found to misunderstood beliefs like sexual injuries only happen in young people.  I shudder at the truth, but the elderly are into some kinky sex stuff as well; however more of the geriatric injuries come from hip dislocations.  I know, try hard to swallow back the bile, but Grammy needs love too. Sexual injuries are not rare, according to a 2010 survey, nearly one-third of sexually active adults have sustained a sex-related injury.

Of course, there are the standard personal injuries from the items that people like to hike up their keesters, but some are simple errors in judgment.  A great example is the episode which features the 400 pound virgin who put his girlfriend’s head through the wall. He didn’t know his own strength, I guess, but I am not sure what they were thinking.  I know I wouldn’t want to be under a 400 pound man; sister girl, should have been on top.

But risky, is sexy.  Many people find themselves in the ER for trying to find ways to spice up the sex life. However, knowledge is power.  Power up the ole noggin and learn something new. Test your sex injury I.Q. with this quiz, and tune in on Saturday nights on TLC for more stories.



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